Aligator A510 Senior

Slim mobile phone with SOS button. Clear and elegant. Distinctive buttons, SOS locator. Charging stand included.

Aligator A510 Senior

Elegant, slim phone not only for seniors. Easy operation, clear display and a pleasant, rounded shape, pleasantly fitting in the palm of your hand, these are the advantages of the A510 model. Another advantage is, for example, distinctive, tactilely recognizable buttons that help control even people with reduced finger mobility.

Convenient phone not only for seniors

The A510 is equipped with a distinctive keypad with separate keys. This makes operation easy and accurate. Long endurance on a single charge, high volume, display with a clear menu will be appreciated not only by seniors, but also by users who do not want modern phones full of unnecessary and complex functions. The A510 is a pleasant, easy-to-use phone, with all the important functions, not only for making phone calls and writing SMS. The SOS Locator security and localization system is also included.

Automatic time setting

New features include automatic time setting from the operator's network, so you don't have to set anything and you'll always have the most accurate time.

Practical equipment and functions

The phone has all the necessary features that will make your life much easier. It not only includes an alarm clock, calculator and flashlight, but also supports music files and an FM radio. You can expand the basic memory with a MicroSD card and keep your favorite audiobooks, photos, or music files with you at all times. The phone also includes a camera. There are several melodies to choose from from the basic menu, including vibrations. Other handy features include hands-free or Bluetooth.

SOS button with SOS Locator function

An indispensable helper especially for seniors. Rescue button, which when pressed, sends an automatic SMS to preset contacts, in which it displays the location of the phone on the map. Wherever the owner loses orientation or gets lost in the woods, the SOS Locator function immediately lets his loved ones know where he is and that he needs their help. The SOS function can also be used to request a location - approved contacts can request information via SMS where the phone (and phone owner) is currently moving. 

Charging stand and long battery life

The popular charging stand is included in the package, so you can always have your phone ready to use in the same place. A reliable battery guarantees a long life of the phone on a single charge, in standby mode it is up to 9 days. You don't have to be afraid to use your phone, for example, on a trip where there will be no charger.

Design and color variations

The design of the A510 is based on a balance of sober elegance and practical ergonomic features. Its slim body and rounded, elegant shapes catch the eye at first glance. The A510 is available in black and red colour.


118 x 54,3 x 11 mm , 119 gr.


Black, Red


Resolution:160 x 128 pix, 1,8"
Colours: TFT, white backlight


Type: Li-Ion 600 mAh
Standby capacity (max – days): up to 9 days
Talking capacity (max – hours) : up to 2,5hours


Contact memory in the phone: 200
Memory SMS: 100
Memory for sent SMS: Yes
SMS to more recipients: Yes


850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz


1x classic SIM


YES (set of features enabling, in case of emergency when you press a button, to automatically call, send SMS and send information about the location of the phone

SOS button: Yes
Presets of SOS button: 5
Remote-demand position: Yes


Torchlight: Yes
Alarm clock: Yes
Calculator: Yes
FM radio: Yes
SIM Toolkit: Yes
Bluetooth: Ano


Number of ringing melodies: *
Vibration: Yes

Charging/Data connector

Micro USB, charging stand, Earphone with handsfree: Jack 3,5


Mobile phone Aligator A510
Travel charger Micro USB
Charging Stand
Instructions for use


Possibility to track the location and status of the phone remotely.
Possible to send location and phone status by pressing SOS button.
Connect to a PC.
Charging stand.


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