Aligator Pods

Perfect Freedom

Elegant True Wireless headphones.
Touch control directly on the headphones.
Up to 20 hours of listening!

100% wireless headphones

Total freedom of movement
Aligator Pods are top headphones with a rechargeable case, with which you can enjoy perfect wireless freedom while listening to music. Not only the connection to the phone, but also the connection of both separate headphones is completely wireless. Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures reliability.

Sophisticated design

Miniature dimensions
Aligator Pods are compact and comfortable headphones with a sophisticated design. Thanks to the special anatomical shape, the headphones hold perfectly in the ears without pushing.


Great sound is most important

Balanced and faithful reproduction
Aligator Pods, that's a true and pure sound. The innovative acoustic solution guarantees clear treble delivery and undistorted, yet strong enough bass for natural quality in a wide range of genres.

Magnetic charging case

Long battery life
Aligator Pods, that's up to 20 hours of carefree listening. Each of the headphones has its own battery, which ensures up to 3 hours of listening. However, whenever you put the headphones back in the magnetic charging case, they will start charging again automatically and are ready to listen again. The battery in the charging case can recharge the headphones several times before the charger needs to be connected.

Built-in microphone

Hands free when making calls
Aligator Pods, it's also easy to make phone calls. The headphones have an integrated microphone. After connecting to your smartphone, in addition to great listening, you will also get a comfortable hands-free. You can easily answer and end a call by simply touching the handset.

Black and White

Choose your color
The Aligator Pods headphones are available in 2 colors. Choose a color that fits your style!


Headphones: 40 mAh
Charging station: 300 mAh


headphones in a case
30–50 minutes


up to 3/20 hours
(with recharging in the case)


wireless connection: ≥ 10m


Photos and pictures are illustrative,
the actual product may differ in detail.


connector USB-C, DC 5V/1A






16 Ω