Aligator RX710 eXtremo 32GB

Smart companion in harsh weather.

Durable outdoor phone in an armored body. Top equipment. Large display, Memory 32 GB + 3 GB RAM. IP68 resistance.

Durable phone body

At first glance, the armored, elegantly sporty body of the phone impresses with its outdoor workmanship. The sides and back of the phone are thoroughly rubberized on all sides to increase impact resistance. The corners are bevelled to make the phone more resistant to falls. In addition, the sides of the phone are reinforced with stylish, metal sides, which not only increase durability, but are also a stylish fashion element. 



Large display in a durable frame

ALIGATOR RX710 is a waterproof, durable phone that complies with the IP68 standard, but it is not recognizable on the external dimensions! We managed to reach unprecedentedly compact dimensions. The frame around the display is reduced to a minimum and the thickness of the phone is only 13 mm is comparable to conventional phones. Thanks to the slight bevel of the back in the side parts, it holds and controls perfectly. With this phone you will not be ashamed at work nor in society!


Metal accessories - protection and great design

The sides of the phone are made of durable zinc alloy and are manufactured using modern die-casting technology. This technology guarantees them absolute shape accuracy. The final treatment of the sidewalls is performed electrochemically and with the help of a laser. Thanks to this, the sides have a pleasant satin surface resistant to scratches and get their final silver color. The combination of glass and metal gives the RX710 an elegant and luxurious look, but it also has a practical significance - protection against side impacts.


Fingerprint sensor

The ALIGATOR RX710 allows you to recognize a fingerprint and simply place your finger on the sensor to wake it up and unlock the phone at the same time. The sensor is conveniently located on the back of the phone so that it is easily accessible when holding the phone in your hand. The fingerprint reader can also be used for other security functions of the operating system - mobile banking, payments, etc.


Unlocking with a face

With the "Face unlock" function, you can unlock your phone just by looking at it.
Use the front camera to capture your face first. Then you want to unlock your phone by looking at the front camera. Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms recognize your face and automatically unlock your phone in case of a match.


NFC function

The built-in NFC sensor allows the use of state-of-the-art communication technologies. Thanks to NFC, the phone can be used, for example, as a payment card. With Android Beam, you can easily transfer data to another phone by simply attaching with NFC. You can also easily connect accessories just by attaching them to your phone.


GPS + GLONASS navigation and electronic compass 

For perfect location and navigation, a very precise built-in satellite receiver with a quick start can be used, which supports both standards - American GPS and Russian GLONASS. Now you never have to worry about hitting where you need to go.


VoLTE function and 4G support

4G (LTE) networks enable the fastest mobile internet connection currently available on the market. Whereas 4G networks originally only allowed fast data transfer, now you can also make calls using the 4G network thanks to the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) function. You can use it for a very fast connection with the called number, but especially where there is no signal of a classic GSM network. You can easily tell the availability of the service - the VoLTE icon will light up next to the signal indicator on the display.


 A camera with two lenses on the back of the phone is used to capture your experiences. The camera's dual lens on the back of the phone allows you to use advanced features such as classic SLR simulations, where the background of the scene is blurred and the photos are more reminiscent of authentic images from when digital cameras did not exist and film was used for photography. You can use the front camera for video calls and selfie.

Programmable button on the side of the phone

There is a special programmable button on the side of the phone, which you can customize to your liking. It can serve as a camera trigger, as a push-to-talk button on the radio, SOS button, flashlight switch or simply choose which application to launch when pressed.


SOS function

The phone is equipped with a simple SOS function - if you press the power button 5 times in quick succession, the function is activated and sends an emergency message with your location to preset numbers.

Waterproof connector caps

The RX710 connector covers are waterproof. For easy connectivity, use the Micro USB connector, which allows charging and data transfer. You can connect the headphones to the phone using the standard 3.5 mm jack.


5.5" high resolution IPS display and setting of display size

ALIGATOR RX710 is equipped with a state-of-the-art LCD display with a new 18: 9 aspect ratio, with IPS technology, which allows a very wide viewing angle and perfect contrast and colors. The resolution has been expanded compared to conventional HD displays.
You can also adjust the font size used for convenient use.


Great sound and listening to the call

The ALIGATOR RX710 has a high-quality and loud earphone and microphone, which will allow you to easily make calls even in difficult conditions and increased noise in the area - for example on a busy street, in a production hall or construction site.
For your convenience, there are also smart functions that allow you to mute the phone automatically according to the prepared schedule, so you no longer have to worry about unwanted calls and SMS at night. The phone then adjusts itself to normal volume in the morning. Likewise, when you turn on silent mode, you can set how long it should be activated. So you never have to worry about forgetting to activate your ringtone and miss important calls.


Pocket Mode

This "pocket mode" detects that you have your phone in your pocket and automatically increases the volume so you don't miss a call.

Touch-protect - protection against accidental touch

With the proximity sensor, the phone prevents you from accidentally answering a call when you pull the phone out of your pocket or the display responds to touches in your pocket.

Smart mute

When there is an incoming call or alarm, just turn the phone and the ringtone will be muted.

Multiple windows on the screen

You can now see multiple applications on the screen at once - just hold down the applications button and the screen will split into two separate windows. A separate application can run in each of them.




Height: 159 mm
Width: 75 mm
Depth: 12.8 mm
Weight: 220 g
Color: Yellow-black, Red-black


5.5" HD + (720x1440) IPS, 18:9
Hardened glass


Battery: 4500 mAh
Charging options: Micro USB connector


GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3G / WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
4G / LTE: 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz


2x Nano SIM


Processor: Quadcore 64 bit, Cortex A53
Internal memory: 32 GB *
Memory card support: MicroSD / HC / XC up to 512 GB

* 6 GB reserved for operating system, 26 GB available for users


Charging and data: Micro USB
OTG support: Yes
Headphone output: 3.5 mm jack


Wi-Fi: yes


VoLTE support: yes
VoWiFi support: yes
Push to talk (PTT): Yes


OS: Android ™ 9
Applications: Support Google Play, Internet browser, media player, file manager, calendar and more + Thousands of free applications to download


Rear: dual, 13.0MPix AF + VGA
Front: 5.0 MPix
LED light / flash
Max. video resolution: Full HD 1080




Fingerprint reader
Unlock with a face
Electronic compass
Proximity sensor
NFC function


Programmable button
LED light / flash
BT 4.0 (BR / EDR + BLE)
IP68 resistance
Hardened glass


Audio / video - plays all common types of video, music and audio formats and more according to the used software
FM radio
Ebook: PDF, TXT, and more according to the used software


Aligator RX710 eXtremo
phone Charger
Micro USB cable
Instructions for use