ALIGATOR S5540 Senior 32GB

Powerful smartphone of a higher category with simple operation that everyone can handle!


Smartphone with controls specially developed for seniors

The S5540 Senior is equipped with a special environment that greatly simplifies the use of the touch phone. Even complete beginners can now control it. Thanks to this, everyone can easily use all the common functions of smartphones.

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Easy, simple and fast - special Big Launcher environment

The BIG Launcher, which is part of the S5540 Senior, makes it easy for seniors, children, people with visual impairments or motor impairment, and blind to use their smartphones.. All of these users will appreciate simple and excellent readable environment.  . Thanks to the simplified operation, they don't have to worry about accidentally deleting something or running something they didn't want. 

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Stay connected - communicators and social networks are no longer a problem!

 Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, Viber etc.!
Special environment of the S5540 Senior allows everyone to easily use ordinary communicators and stay connected.
To All this without having to learn the complicated operation of a new phone. human-3175023_1920.jpg

SOS Locator - quick call for help and positioning

S5540 Senior as supports the SOS Locator service. Directly on the main screen there is an SOS button, which allows you to easily call for help. After pressing the button, the phone automatically dials the preset phone number and at the same time sends an emergency SMS message, which, thanks to the built-in satellite GPS receiver, also contains the exact position of the phone. This makes it easy for the recipient of the message to see where the phone is located on a map.


Everything clearly on spot - full equipment

Despite its simple operation, the S5540 Senior is equipped with standard features that we are used to with smartphones, such as Google Play support, where you can choose from literally hundreds of thousands of possible applications for free, mobile internet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, or music and video playback.

Highly readable IPS 5.5"display with 18:9 aspect ratio 

ALIGATOR S5540 is equipped with a modern LCD display with IPS technology, which allows a very wide viewing angle and perfect contrast and color. The display is designed with an aspect ratio of 18: 9, which allows optimal use of the display area. For convenient use, you can also set the font size, as well as the total display size of all graphic elements.


Secure protection of your data with a fingerprint

It allows you to recognize a fingerprint and just put your finger on the sensor to wake up and unlock the phone at the same time. The sensor is conveniently located on the back of the phone so that it is easily accessible when holding the phone in your hand. The fingerprint reader can also be used for other security features of the system. Multiple fingerprints can be assigned to the sensor so that you can unlock the phone with your left or right hand, for example.


Face unlock

With the "Face unlock" function, you can unlock your phone just by looking at it.
Use the front camera to capture your face first. If you then want to unlock your phone, all you have to do is look at the front camera. Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms recognize your face and automatically unlock your phone in case of a match.


GPS + GLONASS for perfect location and use of maps

For perfect location and navigation, a very precise built-in satellite receiver with a quick start can be used, which supports both standards - American GPS and Russian GLONASS.


4G / VoLTE function  

4G (LTE) networks enable the fastest mobile internet connection currently available on the market. Whereas 4G networks were originally intended only for data transmission, now you can also make calls using the 4G network thanks to the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) function. You can use it both for a very fast connection with the called number, but especially where there is no signal of a classic GSM network. You can easily tell the availability of the service - the VoLTE icon will light up next to the signal indicator on the display.


Easy-to-use camera for interesting photos

The camera on the back of the phone allows you to capture moments of your life in an interesting way. For more experienced users, other interesting photo functions and more detailed settings are prepared in the camera control. You can then edit the photos you take in one of the many creative applications available on Google Play, thanks to the phone's performance and large display.



Night mode - comfort and protection from blue light

You can activate the automatic night mode so that your biorhythm is not disturbed by the blue light of the display. The display automatically eliminates the blue color from evening to morning and sets the color tone of the display to pleasant warm colors for higher evening comfort. 


Call mute

For your convenience, there are also smart ringtone functions that allow you to mute your phone automatically according to a prepared schedule, so you no longer have to worry about unwanted calls and SMS at night. The phone then adjusts itself to normal volume in the morning. Likewise, when you turn on silent mode, you can set how long it should be activated. So you never have to worry about forgetting to activate the ringtone and miss important calls.

Quality sound for music and media

Thanks to the modern sound chip, you can enjoy quality sound without noise, vibration and crackling.



Attractive design not only for seniors - three traditional colors and gradient blue


The elegant shape of the slim body perfectly matches the rounded edges of the display. The surface is metallic, in four colors. The classic gold, black and red is complemented by an attractive chrome-gloss blue with a color gradient. The S5540 is guaranteed to impress your surroundings with its appearance.



Height: 149 mm
Width: 73 mm
Depth: 9 mm
Weight: 175 g
Colors: Gold metallic, Black, Red metallic, Blue chrome with gradient


5,5" qHD-IPS(480x960) 18:9
Auto-rotation, Multitouch


Battery: 2500 mAh
Charging options: MicroUSB connector


GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3G/WCDMA: 850/900/2100 MHz
4G/LTE: 800/1800/2100/2600 MHz


1x Nano SIM
1x Micro SIM


Processor: Quadcore 64 bit, Cortex A53
Memory RAM: 2 GB
Internal memory: 32 GB*
Memory card: MicroSD/HC/XC, max. 512 GB

* 4.85 GB used for default applications
space available for users: approx. 27 GB


Charging and data: Micro USB
Audio: Jack 3,5 mm


WiFi: yes


Support VoLTE: yes
Support VoWiFi: yes



OS: Android™ 9
Applications: Google Play support, Internet browser, media player, file manager, calendar and more + thousands of free apps to download


Camera -  Front: 2.0 MPix
Rear: 8.0 MPix 
LED light / flash: front and rear




Fingerprint reader
Rotation sensor
Proximity senzor emulation


LED light/flash
BT 4.2  (BR/EDR+BLE)


Video / Audio - replays all common types of video, music and audio formats and more according to the one used software.
FM radio
Ebook: PDF, TXT and more according to the software use


Telefon Aligator S5540 Duo
Micro USB cabel
Instruction for use