Aligator Scooter Pro

Perfect Freedom

Engine power 350W, max. load 120kg, range up to 25km.
3 speed modes, disc + electric/recuperating brake.
Tubeless, honeycomb, puncture-proof tyres

350W power

The scooter does not scare the hills
The Aligator Scooter Pro is the ideal partner for a trip to work, shopping or just for fun. he powerful electric motor enables a fast ride not only on the plane...

Long range and 3 speed modes

Convenient speed mode setting
Thanks to the high capacity of the battery, the scooter can travel up to 25 km on 1 charge. It's up to you which of the speed modes you set. 8km / h, 15km / h or straight 25km / h with the wind for the race?

Easy and simple

Comfortable folding joint
Thanks to the folding mechanism with locking, you can effortlessly fold and unfold the scooter in 2 seconds
and comfortably carry it away in one hand.

Carrying capacity up to 120kg
and yet so light

You can take it with you everywhere
The well-thought-out construction using aviation aluminum alloys made it possible to increase the carrying capacity up to 120 kg, maintaining a very low weight - only 13.9 kg.

8.5" wheels that you never puncture!

The unique design provides suspension
8.5“ perforated wheels with high-quality suspension are a guarantee for a comfortable ride without unnecessary rattling. Because they do not contain any inflatable tube, you never puncrture them and you do not have to inflate them. Isn't that nice?

Folding stand
and a safe step

Easy-folding support
A part of the scooter is also a folding stand, which you can simply fold out and fix the scooter in a natural position. The step is equipped with a profiled rubberized surface, which prevents the shoe from slipping and helps a safer ride
and more stable control.

or regenerative brake?

Efficient braking with energy savings
The Aligator Scooter Pro offers you an exclusive two-lever design of both types of brakes. When driving, you can choose to use a high-performance disc brake or an electronic regenerative brake as required.

What is a regenerative brake?

The Aligator Scooter Pro is equipped with two brakes: the left controls the rear disc brake, the right activates the front electric regenerative brake. When braking, this electronic brake converts the energy of motion into electricity, which is used to recharge the battery. It is fully environmentally friendly, as it saves the mechanical brake, eliminates dust from the lining and also extends the range!

Mobile application
KCQ Scooter APP

Be smart!
Using the built-in BT interface, you can easily connect the Aligator Scooter with a mobile application, which records your mileage, battery status and allows even more convenient setting of many scooter functions. Everything is at your fingertips
in your mobile phone.

Powerful LED headlights

You will see well and others will see you!
Thanks to the front and rear LED headlights, the Aligator Scooter Pro ensures a safe journey both in twilight and in the dark. You can activate the front LED headlight as required directly from the scooter's control panel. For the rear LED headlight, you can choose whether it switches on automatically when the brake lever is pressed or whether it stays on.

Easy charging

Using the power adapter
You simply charge the scooter with the power cord and adapter included in the package. The inlet for charging the battery is located on the side of the lower part of the step and is protected by a rubber flap.


Voltage: 36 V
Capacity: 7.5 Ah

Adapter output: 42V/1,5 A




3–4 hoURS
(when fully discharged)


up to 25 km


8 - 15 - 25 km/h


120 kg

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Android / iOS


Photos and pictures are illustrative,
the actual product may differ in detail.




Digital multifunction display
Integrated tilting stand
Possibility of quick assembly


8.5" perforated


Electronic recuperation with E-ABS


front: LED / rear: LED, 2 lighting modes
(permanent / by braking)