Aligator T100

Mobile phone in desktop style. Basic mobile functions. Powerful antenna. Suitable for places with a weak signal.

GSM phone as a landline replacement

The T100 combines the convenience of a classic desktop with the independence and flexibility of a mobile phone.
You can control it as you are used to with a classic landline telephone. All you have to do is pick up the handset and dial the number or select a contact from the list, or press the speed dial key. After removing the handset, you will even be greeted by a familiar dial tone. -. -. To end a call as easily as you started it, just hang up. There is no need to confirm or terminate anything using the tiny buttons that are so common on mobile phones.


Signal even in places where ordinary cell phones fail

Thanks to the very powerful antenna, you can use the T100 to make calls even in places where the operator's signal is weaker. You don't have to "hunt" the signal in the garden or go out in front of the cottage to call and be caught on the phone. This high-quality antenna is removable, so if you need to amplify the signal even more, you can simply unscrew it, connect an additional antenna cable to the TNC female connector to get an even better signal.


A power failure will not stop you

With the T100, you don't have to worry about the phone working in the event of a power failure, as it has a built-in battery. Like regular mobile phones, it works in places where there is not even electricity. Thanks to the built-in Li-Ion battery and its low energy consumption, the phone lasts up to 10 days. It gives you independence from the power grid. You can charge with the included charger, but thanks to the standard Micro USB charging connector, you can also use any other charger with this most common connector. 

Loud hands-free and other phone features

For even more comfortable calling, the T100 is equipped with a hands-free function. You can easily make a phone call and have both hands free to take notes in the notebook. In addition to basic functions, the T100 is equipped with all important functions for easy telephony and contact management. You can use it to send and receive SMS or use the convenient services of the SIM toolkit technology. In the menu, in addition to the call functions, you will also find a call log, a calculator or a very practical, weekly alarm clock, which you can set, for example, only on weekdays and so you will not be disturbed on weekends.


Buttons and controls

The buttons are large and easy to read and recognizable by touch. You can set a sound confirmation of the press. You can assign speed dials to four distinctive separate buttons. Additional speed dials can also be assigned to the number buttons. There are two ways to make or end a call. Either the classic one when you pick up and hang up a real telephone handset or with the buttons for answering and hanging up a call, just like on a mobile phone. Thanks to that, it can't happen to you that you "hang up the handset" by mistake. Below the clear, contrasting display there is a joystick for navigating the menu. Other practical buttons worth mentioning are the large button for loud hands-free, the button for repeating the last number or the button for direct access to SMS messages.



Height: 47 mm (without earphone)
Width: 207 mm
Depth max .: 63 mm (without handset)
Weight: 541 g


Type: Monochrome, graphic
Backlight: green
Dimensions: 53 x 25 mm
Resolution: 128 x 64 pixels


Type: Li-Ion, 800 mAh
Talking capacity: up to 300 minutes
Standby capacity: up to 240 hours


Contact memory in the phone: 300
SMS memory: 100
Memory for sent SMS: Yes


Alarm clock
SIM toolkit support
Loud Hands-Free
Speed dials: 12x


Number of ringtones: 10


TNC female connector

(FME connector adapter can be purchased for most common GSM antennas)


Mobile phone
Instructions for use
(CZ + SK + GER)


Czech, Slovak, English, German, Spanish, French, Greek


1x Classic SIM