Aligator V650 Senior

Mobile phone "V" for seniors with a second display on the cover. LED indication. Photo contacts, huge display. Charging stand.

The elegant clamshell phone offers enhanced features, long battery life and separate keys. The second display on the outside of the cover and convenient operation make it easier for any user to use the phone.

Equipment and controls

The new V650 cover caters to all users who expect easy operation, reliability and no unnecessary functions from their phone that they will never use. There is a color display on the outside of the cover that gives you an instant overview of the time and date without having to open the phone. Two LEDs and a flashlight also have their place on the outer cover. You can easily open and close the phone with one hand. The closed lid fits in the palm of your hand and in your pocket, but when opened, it offers a color, high-contrast display and separate keys for easy operation. When you close the cover, the keypad automatically locks and the call ends, so you don't have to worry about making calls "out of pocket" or sending messages inadvertently. The V650 also requires confirmation before you turn off your phone, so you can't accidentally turn off your phone by mistake if you hold down the button for a long time after a call.

Colored LEDs so you don't miss a thing

There is a pair of LEDs on the outer cover of the phone. The indicator light flashes to indicate, for example, if you have missed a call or a new SMS message. During the day or night, you can easily recognize even from a distance that someone called or sent you a message without having to pick up the phone. The light also alerts you when the phone's battery is low.

Photo contacts and long battery life

Thanks to the reliable Li-on battery, the phone lasts up to ten days on standby on a single charge. Even when fully charged, you can have it placed in a practical stand, which is used both to store the phone when you are not using it, and to charge it. When selecting contacts to call, the option to assign a photo to the eight contacts, which will also be displayed when there is an incoming call, makes it easier for you to choose. You can easily set the selected contacts under the individual digits on the keypad as a speed dial, and also store the two most frequently used ones directly under the separate M1 and M2 keys. Then there is no need to flip through the list, but you can make a call with one press.

Features and functions

The phone has a built-in 1.3 MPix camera for taking photos and capturing important moments in life. You can conveniently expand the phone's memory with SD card not only for storing of photos. In addition to the camera, you can use other functions such as FM radio, calendar, alarm clock and music player.

Exact time that can be set automatically

The phone allows you to use the automatic time setting from the operator's network, so there are no worries about setting the clock and date. In addition, the time from the network is always accurate. (functionality of the service depends on the operator's network)

SOS Locator

A practical helper above all. After pressing the rescue button, the phone sends an automatic SMS to the pre-selected contacts, which contains the display of your phone's location on the map. Whenever you get lost or lose your orientation, the SOS Locator function will let your loved ones know where you are and that you need their help. The phone also allows your loved ones to request the location of the phone remotely via SMS.

Elegant design and colors

The design of the phone is subject to elegance on one hand, and maximum comfort and ergonomics on the other. Thanks to the rounded shape, it looks timeless, but above all it fits perfectly in the hand and does not push anywhere during a conversation or when carrying it in a pocket.
There are two color variants - attractive red metallic in combination with silver and subtle charcoal black also in combination with silver. The surface of the phone is provided with a special soft layer for a comfortable grip.