Aligator Watch Lady

Charm and Elegance

Smart women's watch. Design metal body.
Elaborated details. Set of straps in the package.
Controls and applications in English.

Appearance for every occasion

Wide range of dials and the possibility of your own photo
Fully round display with a size of 1.1" with fine resolution
240 x 240 pixels allow a wide range of customization options. Choose from a wide range of dials for every occasion.
You can also place your own picture or photo on the display!

Everyone can choose

Two colors of the case, elegant straps
The Aligator Watch Lady is available in a luxurious gold and elegant silver color. In the package you will find two different straps matched to the color of the machine.


You will not miss messages any more

Calls and messages alerts
When a message arrives in the phone, the watch vibrates and you can preview the message and its contents on the phone display. In the same way, the watch notifies you of an incoming call, which you can even reject directly on the watch display.

Cycle monitoring

Features for women
Monitoring of physiological functions is very important for every woman, that is why the watch allows you to monitor your menstrual or ovulatory cycle. In addition to these features, the watch also allows to monitor your pregnancy. The watch will record data, store data and send you notifications for your better orientation.

Health and vitality

Keep fit
The built-in sensor enables continuous, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, while the accelerometer easily calculates your steps per day. In conjunction with the application on your phone, which continuously stores all data, you will always have a perfect overview and you can also look at the history.

Sleep to the full

Sleep monitoring
The heart rate sensor in conjunction with a motion sensor can evaluate the quality of your sleep. Then you don't have to get up with an annoying alarm clock in the morning - you will be awakened by a gentle vibration on your wrist.

Sensitive optical sensor

Continuous monitoring of health status
The watch is equipped with a sensitive optical sensor that allows continuous measurement of heart rate 24 hours a day.
As part of its experimental functions, it also offers an estimate of blood pressure measurements or oxygenation.

Sport and fitness

Your new personal trainer
The watch will also serve as a personal trainer and sports tester. Choose from a range of sports. You can easily start or stop a workout by the touch of a button, and in conjunction with an application on your phone, you can record and view training information: route, distance, heart rate, tempo and more.


Round - 1,1", IPS, 240 x 240


Full touch display,
2x side button


IP 67




160 mAh, weekly endurance.
For continuous heart rate measurement
or while training is running
the usage time is shortened


USB cable with magnetic mount


Adjustable appearance of the dial using the application
(5 presets + dozens more in the app)


Photos and pictures are illustrative,
the actual product may differ in detail.


Interchangeable strap with a spacing of 16 mm
Maximum strap length 22 cm
Two straps in the package


SMS message alerts
(SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, etc..)
Alarm clock Stopwatch
Music player control
Heart rate - continuous / single
Reject call notification
Sleep quality, long-term motionless alert
Blood oxygenation and pressure (experimental function)
Pedometer, number of calories, distance traveled
Training modes
GPS route recording with the help of the application
camera control
phone search
watch search
cycle monitoring