Aligator Watch Life

Choose your style

Smart watch. Design metal body.
Unisex. Three straps in a package.
Control and applications in various languages

Unisex design
for women and men

Full touch screen in metal body
The Aligator Watch Life is the watch for every woman and man. It can be subtle and elegant, but also stylish and modern. The watch body is cast from a lightweight metal alloy and guarantees perfect design and durability. The full touch screen has rounded edges for a nice feel and great look.

Sporty elegant

A watch for every occasion
The Aligator Watch Life is a watch for every occasion. For company, but also for training. Just choose the right strap, adjust the dial and you've turned a fashion accessory into a personal trainer.

Three case colours + three straps in the package

Stylish dials in the app
Aligator Watch Life is three case colours - elegant silver, luxurious gold and sporty black. Three different straps are always included - metal, leather and silicone. There are countless stylish watch faces available in the app that you can change at will. You can also place a selected photo from your gallery on the dial background.

You will not miss any more messages.

Call alerts and message previews on the display.
The Aligator Watch Life vibrates when a message arrives in your phone and you can preview the message on the watch display. Likewise, the watch will alert you to an incoming call, which you can even reject right on the watch display.

Your healthy lifestyle

Keep fit
Aligator Watch Life allows for continuous, 24-hour heart rate monitoring. You'll also see your body temperature on the display. The accelerometer, in turn, easily counts your steps per day or how good your sleep was. In conjunction with the app on your phone, which stores all the data continuously, you'll always have a perfect overview and can even look back at your history. The experimental function offers a blood pressure or blood oxygenation measurement. Women will also appreciate the ability to track their menstrual and ovulation cycle.

Sleep to your heart's content

Sleep monitoring and alarm clock
Aligator Watch Life can assess the quality of your sleep thanks to a heart rate sensor combined with a motion sensor. Then you don't have to wake up in the morning with an annoying alarm - a gentle vibration on your wrist will wake you up.

Sport and fitness

Your personal trainer
Aligator Watch Life is your new personal trainer and sports tester. Choose from a range of sports. Easily start or stop your workout at the touch of a button. In conjunction with the app on your phone, you can then record and display information from your workout: route, distance, heart rate, pace and more.

Google Fit and Apple Health

Expand your potential
Aligator Watch Life is the ability to integrate data captured by your watch into the Google Fit and Apple Health app ecosystems. You can put your watch data to even better use and combine it with other data and challenges on your phone!


Round - 1,3", IPS, 240 x 240


Full touch screen,
2x side button


IP 67 / 68




180 mAh, up to 10 days.
By continuous heart rate measurement
or while training is running
the usage time is shortened


USB cable with magnetic mount


Adjustable appearance of the dial using the application
(4 presets + dozens more in the app)



Interchangeable strap with a spacing of 22 mm
Maximum strap length 23 cm
Three straps in a package


Message alerts
(SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, etc..)
Weather Alarm clock Stopwatch
Music player control
Heart rate - continuous / single
Reject call notification
Sleep quality, long-term motionless alert
Blood oxygenation and pressure (experimental function)
Pedometer, number of calories, distance traveled
Training modes - 24 different sports
GPS route recording with the help of the application
camera control
phone search
watch search