Aligator Watch Straps 22

Simply and stylish

Easy installation

Spring axle with lever
The watch strap can be easily attached using the lever located on each of the axles on the underside of the strap. Push the lever and the spindle will be released.


Adjust the strap to your needs

Find your style
Live life to the fullest. Give your watch elegance and charm. Thanks to the combination of spare straps and a suitably chosen dial, you will turn your watch into a unique and original accessory.

Wide range

Replacement watch straps
The straps offer easy installation in the form of a classic watch axis. Of course, there is a wide range of materials and colors.

Attractive packaging

Choose your strap
Replacement straps are packed in a stylish box with a transparent lid and instruction for use on the back. The straps are available in several colors and material executions. See our entire offer.

Aligator Watch 22

Leather straps
Elegance and functionality. The Aligator Watch 22 synthetic leather straps have a non-slip finish on the inside. Which color do you match your watch to? Brown or black?

Metal straps
The classic all-metal Aligator Watch 22 straps are available in 2 colors. What do you prefer? Black or silver?

Silicone straps
The colored silicone straps Aligator Watch 22 are ideal for sports activities or as a fashion accessory. Will you choose the classic black, dark blue or trendy green color?

Dual silicone straps
The dual colored silicone straps Aligator Watch 22 are also ideal for sports activities or as a refined fashion accessory. Will you choose a combination of black with red or black with green