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Smartphones, fully equipped for your everyday work, entertainment and contact with friends.

Great for chatting with friends, sharing snapshots or Internet browsing with an intuitive touch screen control and even better design

Aligator S4080 Duo

Aligator S4090 Duo


Aligator S5066 Duo

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Aligator S5070 Duo

Aligator S5070 Duo

Aligator S5510 Duo IPS

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Aligator S6000 Duo

Phased out

Aligator S4050 Duo

Aligator S4050 Senior

Aligator S4060 Duo

Aligator S4070 Duo

Aligator S4510 Duo

Aligator S4515 Duo IPS

Aligator S4515 Senior

Aligator S4540 Duo IPS

Aligator S5000 Duo, OC HD

Aligator S5050 Duo HD IPS

Aligator S5060 Duo IPS

Aligator S5062 Duo IPS

Aligator S5065 Duo

Aligator S5080 Duo LTE

Aligator S5500 Duo HD IPS

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