Retractable mobile phone for seniors. Sliding body with a large display. SOS locator and lots of other features. Charging stand included.

Large display and controls

The dominant feature of the VS900 is a large 2.8 "display. Thanks to it, the text and displayed information are perfectly legible, even for people with poor eyesight. Below the display are large buttons for basic phone control. These buttons make it very easy to control the reception and termination of calls, even when the phone is closed. Another of the buttons below the display is the rocker switch located in the middle. It is used to move in the menu. The two large buttons at the bottom of the display are used for other options. The volume control button and the power on / off button are located on the side.
A large and clear keypad for convenient typing and control of all phone functions is available when opening / ejecting the phone.

Clear and easy to use

VS900 looks very attractive and modern, yet its functions remain practical sober and caters to all users who expect easy operation, reliability and no unnecessary functions from their phone that they will never use. Its system is developed primarily for easy telephoning and sending SMS messages.

Sliding opening system

VS900 is equipped with an unbeatable opening system, where you slide the upper part of the device with the display and basic buttons in one hand and with one finger, thus opening a large and clear keypad. Thanks to this "slide" system, it meets several requirements for significant practicality of the phone. When folded, the phone will not interfere with you and will take up very little space in your pocket or purse. At the same time, there is no risk of accidentally pressing keys on the keyboard. When you slide out the keypad, the phone magnifies almost twice and turns into a very comfortable device with a large display.

 Equipment for work and play

The phone includes a VGA camera for taking photos and capturing important moments in life. You can conveniently expand the phone's memory not only for storing photos with an SD card. In addition to the camera, you can use other functions, such as FM radio, calendar, alarm clock or music player. The equipment also includes a practical LED flashlight. 
With the DualSIM function, it is possible to use two SIM cards at the same time.

SOS Locator

A practical helper above all. After pressing the rescue button, the phone sends an automatic SMS to the pre-selected contacts, which contains the display of your phone's location on the map. Whenever you get lost or lose your orientation, the SOS Locator function will let your loved ones know where you are and that you need their help. The phone also allows your loved ones to request the location of the phone remotely via SMS.

Charging stand and long battery life

The charging stand is included in the package, so you can always have your phone ready to use in the same place. The powerful Li-Ion 1000 mAh battery guarantees a long endurance of the phone on a single charge, in standby mode it is up to 192 hours (ie up to 8 days). You don't have to be afraid to use your phone, for example, on a trip where there will be no charger.

Elegant design and colors

The phone has a pleasant shape that holds well in the palm of your hand. The design is based on practical, functional elegance. There are two color variants - red in combination with silver and black, also in combination with silver.