Aligator A900 GPS Senior

Flagship not only for seniors

Exclusive model. Largest 3.2" display, easy operation, pedometer. SOS function with exact GPS location.

Giant and easy-to-read 3.2" display

The A900 is equipped with a large, portrait-oriented 3.2 ”display. This makes the display pleasant and very clear. The individual menu items are perfectly legible and more lines can fit on the phone display when writing messages. Calling, writing SMS and all the basic functions of the phone can be operated with maximum comfort and without glasses.



Pedometer for better health

Exercise is important for health - and the healthiest movement is walking. With the ALIGATOR A900 you will know how many steps you have taken per day. You will see the number of your steps per day directly on the main screen. You no longer have to wear a bracelet or other device on your hand - the A900 has a pedometer directly inside. Thanks to that, it will help you stay in shape!  

SOS Locator - accurate GPS position for higher security


The SOS Locator function is a necessary equipment of all Aligators and a huge helper, especially for seniors. With this function, you can search for the phone remotely and determine its location. Compared to other models, the A900 is equipped not only with GSM network localization, but also with a GPS satellite receiver, so it can determine its position with an accuracy of meters. When you press the SOS button, a message is sent to up to five preset contacts along with a link to display the phone's location on the map. If the owner gets lost or lost anywhere, he doesn't have to look for phone numbers and make calls, just press the button.
His loved ones can use the "Remote location request" function to find out where the phone, and therefore its owner, is located.


Exact time without complicated settings

You will never have to set the time again, the phone will always set itself.
The ALIGATOR A900 can set the time completely automatically, using the operator's network, and thus become your most accurate clock in the home!


Large buttons and easy operation

The classic keypad with large, tactile keys ensures pleasant use of the phone and easy operation. The phone with a robust construction is ergonomically shaped and light, it is easy to handle even for people with reduced mobility or finger sensitivity. The dimensions 131x60x13mm fit exactly in the hand.

Control with a four-way controller

A novelty in the control of senior Aligator phones is the four-position control button. This allows you to control most functions quickly and with one finger. The other four keys are located in its immediate vicinity.


Protection against accidental shutdown

It often happens that the user inadvertently turns off his phone by holding down the button for a long time or accidentally pressing it, for example in a bag or purse. The A900 is equipped with a protection against such unintentional shutdown. Before the phone is actually switched off you must first confirm it.

Charging stand

Thanks to the stand, the phone will always be ready and charged in the place you are used to. Simply put it in the stand and it will start charging immediately. It's easy and there's no need to find and connect any cables to your phone.


Low battery warning

This feature helps to keep the phone and especially its users always on reception. The phone sends an SMS to the selected numbers that the battery is low. In this case, loved ones can contact the owner of the phone to charge it as soon as possible. For example, simply insert the phone into the charging cradle.


Long battery life

The reliable endurance of the phone for one charge in standby mode for up to a week is ensured by a reliable Li-on 1600 mAh battery. You do not have to be afraid to use your phone, for example, on a walk or trip, where it is not possible to use a charger.

Useful features and camera

The new A900 can do much more than just call and send SMS. You can play your favorite music, turn on the radio without using headphones, or take photos with the built-in camera and send them to your friends, for example, as MMS messages. You can insert a microSD memory card into your phone, so you can easily expand its internal memory for music, photos or audio books. Of course there are popular functions such as alarm clock, calculator, flashlight or Bluetooth.
The DualSIM function allows you to use two SIM cards at the same time.


Great design and popular color variants

The design of the A900 model stands out from the established ideas of the appearance of phones for seniors. The elegant combination of metal and well-crafted plastic, well-matched colors and discreet shapes give the phone a touch of unexpected luxury. The included charging stand acts as a fitting addition to the interior. The phone is available in two colors - traditional velvet black or attractive red metallic. We wish you the best experience!





Height: 133 mm
Width: 59.6 mm
Depth: 13.5 mm
Weight: 115 g
Available colors: Red, Black


Type: Color TFT
Size: 3.2"
Resolution: 240x320, QVGA
Backlight: white


Type: Li-Ion 1600 mAh
Standby capacity max 8 days
Talking capacity max 8 hours


Contact memory in the phone: 200
SMS memory: 50
Memory for sent SMS: yes
Possibility to send SMS to multiple recipients at once: yes
MMS messages: yes


Micro SD / TF up to 256 GB
(not included)


2x Normal SIM


GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz


A set of functions that allow to automatically call, send SMS and send information about the location of the phone after pressing of the SOS button in case of emergency

SOS button: Yes
Number of SOS button presets: 5
Remote location request: Yes
Positioning: GSM + GPS


Pedometer: Yes
Flashlight: Yes
Alarm clock: Yes
Calculator: Yes
FM radio: Yes
Camera: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Music file player: Yes
Automatic time setting: Yes
SIM toolkit support: Yes
MMS: Yes


Number of melodies: 5 + own
Vibration: yes


Charging and data: Charging stand, Micro USB
Headphones / handsfree: Jack 3.5


Phone Aligator A900 phone
Travel charger
Charging stand
Instructions for use in CZ, SK, DE


Loud Hands-Free
PC connection
VGA camera