Aligator Watch Pro

Smart Watch
with top design

Style that will captivate! These are the men's Aligator Watch Pro!
Controls and applications in English.

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Aligator Scooter Pro

Perfect Freedom

Engine power 350W, max. load 120kg, range up to 25km.
3 speed modes, disc + electric/recuperating brake.
Tubeless, honeycomb, puncture-proof tyres

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Aligator K50 eXtremo 4G/LTE

Such a phone has not been here yet!
Features familiar from smartphones, in a classic body with buttons.

Unique durable phone with operating system KaiOS, 5Mpix camera, smart functions and long battery life.

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Aligator RX800 eXtremo 64GB

Resistant hard worker with an adventurer's soul!

Slim, durable phone for the demanding. IP68. Top equipment. Large display, 64 GB storage, NFC and lots of features.

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Aligator A900 GPS Senior

Flagship not only for seniors

Exclusive model. Largest 3.2" display, easy operation, pedometer. SOS function with exact GPS location.

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Bluetooth Outdoor Repro ALIGATOR STEREO ABS3

Party and garden companion!

Elegant with an outdoor soul! This is the Bluetooth speaker ALIGATOR ABS3 with a fantastic power of 15W!

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Aligator BS500 Senior

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Aligator D950

High-end push-button telephone.

Large 3.5" display and ultra thin metal body.
Superior equipment and luxurious appearance.
Remote management and SOS function.

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A durable smartphone for all weather!

A slim, durable phone with long battery life. IP68, IP69 and dustproof. Large display and lots of practical features.

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Aligator Watch Grace

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We manufacture mobile phones

and smart accessories

martphones and push-button phones. Accessories for work and for fun!

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Novelty for your outdoor discotheque

Extra long battery life and excellent sound. At any weather!

Start your garden party in a great style, with ABS3 stereo speakers.

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Unique features for the safety of all your family

Finds the location of the phone on the map and calls for help by pressing a single SOS button

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