Aligator Watch Junior

Always in touch with your children

3x remote location tracking via GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM.
Possibility of making phone calls.
SOS button for higher security.

Always in touch with your children?
Aligator Watch Junior will replaces the mobile phone.

• Tracking your child's location via GPS, Wi-Fi, or GSM
• SOS button and Aligator SOS locator
• Two-way call over the mobile network (using standard Nano SIM)
• Displej 1,3“ IPS with a fine resolution
• Possibility to set safety zones with notification of their exit (geofencing)
• 400 mAh battery with safe magnetic charging!
• Remote management app for iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 and higher

Reliable positioning

Three systems for higher security

To track the location, the Aligator Watch Junior uses three systems - GPS, data from the GSM mobile network, but it can also determine the location using a wireless Wi-Fi network. Control over your child's safety has never been more reliable.

SOS button for greater safety
With Aligator SOS locator support

The Aligator SOS locator is an indispensable assistant that sends an automatic SMS to up to 3 preset contacts when you press the SOS button on your watch. At the same time, it also sends a notification to the application, where the user's location can be immediately displayed on the map. Wherever your child loses his orientation or gets lost, the SOS Locator function will let you know immediately where he is and that he needs your help.

Wrist phone
Always and everywhere ready to use

The watch also works as a hands-free phone. You can therefore always easily call your child and, thanks to the preset contacts, your child can easily call you too. Outgoing and incoming calls can easily be restricted to verified numbers only - so you can have control over all calls and messages. You no longer have to worry about your child forgetting or losing their mobile phone and being left without a connection.

Voice messages
Even easier communication

You can use voice messages for more convenient communication. These can be very easily recorded and sent by simply holding down the button on the watch display. There is no need to write anything and absolutely everyone can handle communication.

Durable and practical
Rains and bad weather will not frighten them

Although it weighs only 122 g, the construction of the watch is very robust and resistant to impact and falling. Thanks to IP67 coverage, they are water resistant, so you don't have to worry about rain or moisture. In short, a partner in discomfort!

Small but smart

Pedometer, camera and other useful functions

The equipment of the watch includes a lot of useful gadgets. Of course, there is a pedometer and the flashlight function comes in handy in the dark. A built-in alarm clock will help with getting up early, and a game is available for entertainment. Above the display you will find a camera with the option of remote control.

Three color versions

For boys and girls.

Everyone will choose, boys and girls - three colors are available: cheerful pink and blue, but also discreet black.



1,3“ IPS, 240x240

Water resistance






Network frequency

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Internet and connectivity





Voice and text messages


Alarm clock






GPS route recording, geofencing


SOS locator


Localization method


Remote Watch Search



Emergency call

SOS button: Yes
Number of SOS button presets: 3
SOS Locator: Yes
Remote location detection: Yes


Front, 0.8 Mpix


Touch screen and side button

Application control

English, Hungarian and other languages


Interchangeable, 20mm spacing